真理: 這是人的理智所追求的對象。
Truth: It is what the human intellect is searching for.
(a) 人的理智具有尋求真理的能力;這能力是我們必須維護的。我們也應鼓勵和激發人對真
Human reason’s capacity for truth must be upheld, and the desire for truth, especially
the truth about God and about the meaning of life, must always be encouraged and
kept alive.
(b) 我們必須特別重視那使人明辨是非善惡的智慧,勝過其他方面的知識。
Wisdom, which enables a person to distinguish right from wrong, and good from evil,
must be treasured above all other kinds of knowledge.
(c) 誠實的美德要求我們講真話,並付諸實行,即使要為此付出重大的犧牲代價亦在所不辭。
Honesty demands that a person tell the truth and put it into practice, even at the cost
of making a great sacrifice.

義德 (公義): 這是一種倫理上的德行,要求我們時常毫無保留地讓天主和我們的近人得到
Justice: It is the moral virtue that consists of a constant and resolute will to give to God
and one’s neighbours their due.
(a) 對天主的義德稱之為持守宗教信仰的德行;相對鄰人的公義,則促使人尊重他人的權益
Justice towards God is called the “virtue of religion”; and justice towards one’s
neighbours disposes one to respect the rights of others and to establish in human
relationships the harmony that promotes equity with regard to individual persons and
to the common good.
(b) 只有當人權受到尊重,而每個人都承擔彼此之間的責任,以及承擔對家庭和社會的責任
Human dignity can be protected and promoted, and the wellbeing of society can be
achieved, only if human rights are respected and individuals undertake their
responsibilities for one another, for their own families, and for society.

愛德: 這是諸德之冠。
Love: It is the greatest of all virtues.
(a) 天主是生命與美善的泉源,祂基於愛創造了萬物,並召叫整個人類成為祂的兒女。作為
God, the source of life and goodness, has created everything out of love, and has called
the whole human family to be His children. As a member of God’s family, one’s goals
in life are to share God’s happiness, to love God above all things and love one’s
neighbours as brothers and sisters.
(b) 耶穌基督──天主子、人類救主──是無私大愛和謙卑服務他人的楷模。
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Saviour of humankind, is the model of selfless love
and humble service to others.
(c) 為使人的生命和所有層面的人際關係能在完美的和諧中彼此連繫,所有德行的實踐須由
The practice of all the virtues is to be inspired and motivated by love, so that all aspects
of human life and interpersonal relationship may be bound together in perfect
(d) 愛德超越公義的嚴格尺度,並促使我們關懷貧苦大眾和需要幫助的人,並以優先地扶助
Love surpasses the strict measure of justice and urges one to care for the poor and the
needy, and to make a preferential option for the underprivileged and marginalized in

生命: 這是天主賦予人的無價之寶;生命在本質上就是神聖的。
Life: It is a priceless gift from God and is sacred in itself.
(a) 每個人都是按照天主的肖像而受造,並且自受孕至去世為止,都享有生存的權利。
Every human person is created in the image of God and has the right to life, which
must be respected from its conception to its natural end.
(b) 我們應秉承福音所傳授的真福八端精神,懷著平和的心境和望德,面對人生的種種困難
In the spirit of the “Beatitudes” as taught in the Gospel, the tribulations and adversities
in life are to be faced with serenity and hope.
(c) 每個人都有權利享有足以令其過合乎人性尊嚴的生活的一切條件。
Every person is entitled to have whatever is necessary for a decent and dignified
(d) 唯獨真正尊重人類生命的社會,才能為大眾帶來幸福。
Only a society which respects human life can bring happiness to all.

Family: It is the basic unit of society.
(a) 唯獨夫婦之間那份毫無保留、彼此無私託付而純潔的愛,才能令人真正欣慰滿足。要促
Only pure love, the unreserved mutual self-giving between husband and wife, is truly
gratifying; a happy, wholesome marriage is prepared by the practice of the virtue of
chastity and sustained by fidelity and an indissoluble, lifelong commitment.
(b) 性愛是夫婦生活的構成部分,且具有其尊嚴。職是之故,均衡完整的性教育,必須採取
Inasmuch as sex is an integral part of conjugal life and has its own dignity, a balanced
sex education must follow a holistic and in-depth approach, with emphasis on the
virtues of self-discipline and mutual respect between a man and a woman.
(c) 婚姻是家庭的基礎;整全而團結和睦的家庭給予夫婦之間及父母與子女之間恆久穩固的
Marriage is the foundation of a family; an intact and united family is a permanent
support for husband and wife, and for parents and children, in achieving their goals in
life; an intact and united family is likewise a most favourable setting for the upbringing
of children and young people, and a necessary condition for the wellbeing of human

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